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Mark deAndrade

deAndrade Law Frim, LLC

Company Overview - Mark deAndrade offers to his clients an expertise in wills, trusts, estate tax planning, probate administration, and business planning. Mark successfully guides clients with reducing estate and income taxes, the hassles of probate, and family disagreements.

What I Do – I advise clients with legal matters, mainly in estate planning, probate, business formation and representation, and contract review.

My Background - I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and attended Emory University for my undergraduate degree.  Upon graduating from Emory, I went to University of Denver for my law degree.  At the University of Denver, I became interested in tax law and then attended University of Miami for an masters degree in estate planning and tax.

Who is a good networking partner - Lawyers, financial advisers, accountants, business brokers, and anyone seeking legal services.

Who is a good referral – Anyone seeking legal services.  My practice focuses in estate planning, probate, and business representation.  If I do not focus in the legal area of need, I can help find an attorney with the necessary expertise.

Contact info:

Mark deAndrade, Esq.

deAndrade Law Firm, LLC

Two Ravinia Drive, Suite 1530

Atlanta, Georgia 30346

(404) 937-7080




deAndrade Law Frim, LLC

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