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Ken Fehner

The Social Gloo

Company Overview - We are a social media and email marketing company.

What We Do – We avoids a cookie-cutter approach to email and social media. Whether your needs are B2C or B2B, we use proven best practices to get my clients results. “We monitor social media engagement so that I can continuously improve social media interaction.”

My Background - I have over 30 years of experience with traditional marketing channels and now over 11 years as a social media and email marketer.  I work with local businesses, start-ups, national and international companies supporting their email and social media needs. The scope of work includes email marketing, social media sites including Facebook management and design, Twitter management and design, LinkedIn management, YouTube video creation & more.

Who is a good networking partner - Anyone who works with business owners.

Who is a good referral – A business that already has a marketing budget and would like to expand their reach through social media and email marketing.

Contact info:

Ken Fehner

The Social Gloo
Phone: (678) 358-3680


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Connect with Ken on:

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