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Debbie Switts

Good Friend Mortgage

Company Overview -  Good Friend Mortgage is a non-depository Mortgage Lender and Mortgage Broker. A 5-Star boutique focusing on serving professionals in the real estate housing market 24/7.

(meaning we are available during non-banking hours to our clients and realtors make home buying offers after work hours and weekends) As an independent boutique we have the luxury of offering our clients Wholesale Pricing through-out Georgia and Florida.  

What We Do​ - As a consulting and finance company we offer strategies and solutions to homebuyers, homeowners, realtors and business owners seeking financing. Our value-added is our fast-technology business is relationship based and our clients appreciate the unique expert broker experience and the client relish in having a trusted “broker for life” connection. Our diverse expanded portfolio of financing opportunities RANGE from conventional, FHA, VA and non-conventional investment loan market to reverse mortgages and to commercial loans. Check us out, we’re the Best at what we do as we connect with the Best!

My Background - I founded Good Friend Mortgage 20 years ago to add a personal woman touch to the male dominated rigid housing lending industry. My background as a Researcher, an Educator, a Single-Family Real Estate Investor and a Property Manager created a perfect foundation for building a nimble cutting-edge client-centered market responsive boutique located in Alpharetta, Georgia. My 25 year expertise in brokering, building my expert team, and exchanging long-term third-party connections is a formula for continual success.

Who is a good networking partner - Good Friend Mortgage enjoys networking with small to mid-size businesses valuing homeownership for their local and relocated employees, we do remote onsite “lunch and learns” for encouraging homeownership for employee stability. Financial Advisors seeking an trusted expert for their clients in the mortgage industry is a great networking partner for us to help educate our clients to invest, Real Estate Buyer Agents seeking to partner with a local lender offering state of the art strategies to approving more home buyers and grow their business with referral of more qualified home buyers coming their direction from our lead-conversion abilities is a good networking partner.

Who is a good referral –  An independent Real Estate Broker is the absolute best referral to help grow my business. If you know a local home builder contractor I would love the opportunity to earn their business. And,

of course, if you share a relationship with a Home Buyer Real Estate Agent I would enjoy an introduction to consider them as a referral agent to my pre-approved clients seeking a qualified real estate agent.

Contact info:

Debbie Switts

Office Direct: 678-384-4171

Mobile: 678-886-7283




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