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Brad Dell

Atlanta Office Technologies, Inc

Company Overview - AOT was founded in 2015, we have 30 total employees and thousands of clients across the USA. We are locally owned and operated in Norcross, GA and we a 10Million+ annual revenue business.

What We Do – AOT is a technology company that focuses on selling, servicing and leasing multi-function copiers and printers.

My Background - I am a Partner at AOT. From Indiana, married with 2 beautiful daughters.

Who is a good networking partner - A good networking partner is anyone who does business in the B2B world. 3rd party IT companies tend the be the best at referrals for AOT.

Who is a good referral – 25-250 employees and someone who already has an existing lease today is a good referral for me. Also, always looking to meet new people to grow my spere of people to sell through, now always to.

Contact info:

Brad Dell

Atlanta Office Technologies, Inc

5600 Oakbrook Parkway, Ste 260
Norcross, GA 30093
Phone: 770-415-1719


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