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Adam M. Brown

EM Squared, Inc.

Company Overview - EM Squared is a custom software development company which is now celebrating 20 years serving clients in Atlanta.  Founded in 2001, EM Squared helps clients understand their options and helps them get more value out of their IT systems by adding more features and capabilities to their existing infrastructure.  Projects include business automation and process automation, building mobile apps and custom web pages including eCommerce, and providing support for executives who need better data management or dashboarding capabilities to more effectively run their business.  Consultations are free and we invite all questions.

What I Do –  Vice President of Sales 

My Background - Adam has a deep background in consultative B2B sales, including enterprise client management at IBM and Verizon and experience leading successful sales operations and growing businesses.  Adam's passion is solving problems and delivering value to his customers and encourages anyone to ask him questions.  
Who is a good networking partner:  Great partners for EM Squared are listening for needs, such as frustration with IT systems and workflows, difficulty retrieving important business data and/or limited visibility to operations, and the need to create new capabilities such as Mobile apps, RFID scanning systems, eCommerce and the Internet of Things (IoT). 


Who is a good networking partner - I love to work with business leaders who are not 100% satisfied with their IT systems.  We can add automation features, mobile applications, IOT devices, and improve workflow using smarter integrations. 

Who is a good referral –Our best referrals are 1.)  Business leaders who are willing to discuss their needs, and 2.)  Leaders in a position to affect change in their organization.  We can be very successful with a client when we find this person to provide background and context.  When you hear a potential need, please ask, "Have you spoken with EM Squared?"

Contact info:

Adam M. Brown

EM Squared, Inc.

NORCROSS, GA 30092-4248
Phone: 404-556-5417



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